Four Former Highway Patrol Commissioners Throw Support to Anne Marie Schubert for D.A.

For Immediate Release
May 15, 2014
Contact: Dave Gilliard
Phone: (916) 626-6804

Today four former Commissioners of the California Highway Patrol announced their support for Anne Marie Schubert for District Attorney. Glen Craig who was appointed by Governor Jerry Brown and also served as Director of the Division of Law Enforcement at the Department of Justice and as Sacramento County Sheriff, Jim Smith who was appointed by Gov. George Duekmejian, Maury Hannigan who was appointed by Governor George Duekmejian and again by Governor Pete Wilson, and Spike Helmick who was appointed by Governors Wilson and Gray Davis, announced their support for Anne Marie Schubert.

In a joint statement the former Commissioners who collectively have more than 100 years in law enforcement experience and have worked with every Sacramento District Attorney since John Price were unanimous in their praise of Schubert. “She is eminently qualified to be an outstanding District Attorney. She is innovative, dedicated, knowledgeable, experienced, and principled. She understands the demands of law enforcement and has been an outstanding prosecutor” they said.

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