Law Enforcement
Jan Scully, Sacramento District Attorney
Scott Jones, Sacramento County Sheriff
Sacramento County Chiefs and Sheriff Group
Chris Boyd, Citrus Heights Police Chief & President of the CA Chiefs of Police Assoc.
John McGinness, Former Sacramento County Sheriff
Lou Blanas, Former Sacramento County Sheriff
Robbie Waters, Former Sacramento County Sheriff
Glen Craig, Former Sacramento County Sheriff
Rick Braziel, Former Sacramento City Police Chief
Maury Hannigan, Former CHP Commissioner
Jim Smith, Former CHP Commissioner
Spike Helmick, Former CHP Commissioner
Scott Owens, Placer County District Attorney
Todd Riebe, Amador County District Attorney
Vern Pierson, El Dorado County District Attorney
Gary Lieberstein, Napa County District Attorney
Gilbert G. Otero, Imperial County District Attorney
Jeff Reisig, Yolo County District Attorney
Steve Cooley, Former Attorney General Candidate & Los Angeles County District Attorney
Mike Ramos, San Bernardino County District Attorney
Joyce Dudley, Santa Barbara County District Attorney 

Organizations and Associations
Sacramento Bee
California Police Chiefs Association
Sacramento Deputy Sheriffs Association
Sacramento Police Officers Association
Elk Grove Police Officers Association
Folsom Police Officers Association
Citrus Heights Police Officers Association
Galt Police Officers Association
Sacramento District Attorney Investigators Association
Placer County Deputy Sheriffs Association
Los Angeles Police Protective League
California Narcotic Officers Association
California District Attorney Investigators Association
Sacramento Deputy District Attorneys Association
Child Abuse Prevention Center
Sacramento County Attorneys Association
Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
Sacramento Police Chiefs and Sheriff Group
National Non-Partisan Latino Peace Officers Association
Elk Grove Chamber of Commerce
Folsom Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento Region Builders

Victims’ Rights Groups and Individuals
Crime Victims Action Alliance
Citizen’s for Law and Order
Crime Victims United
Marc Klaas
Pat and Debbie Boyd (parents of murder victim Christie Wilson
Phyllis Loya (mother of murdered Pittsburg Police Officer Larry Lasater)
Sandy Friend (mother of 8-year-old murder victim Michael Lyons)
Linda Thompson (sister of murder victim Sharon Wilcoxsen)
Elaine Whitefeather, Executive Director, A Community for Peace

Hon. Arthur Scotland, Former Presiding Justice 3rd DCA (Retired)
Hon. Fred K. Morrison, Justice 3rd DCA (Retired)
Hon. Tom Cecil, Former Former Presiding Judge, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Richard K. Park, Former Presiding Judge, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Lloyd A. Phillips, Jr., Former Presiding Judge, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Kenneth Peterson, Former Presiding Judge of Juvenile Court, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Talmadge Jones, Sacramento Superior Court Judge (Retired)
Hon. Darrel Lewis, Sacramento Superior Court Judge (Retired)
Hon. Gail Ohanesian, Sacramento Superior Court Judge (Retired)
Hon. Gerald Bakarich, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Anthony DeCristoforo, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Joe Gray, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Faith Geoghegan, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Michael J. Virga, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. James Morris, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Nancy Sweet, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Charles Kobayashi, Sacramento Superior Court (Retired)
Hon. Richard “Mack” Harris, Solano County Superior Court (Retired)

* Only retired judges may endorse in non-judicial races

Local Leaders
Roberta McGlashan, Sacramento County Supervisor
Susan Peters, Sacramento County Supervisor
Jimmie Yee, Sacramento County Supervisor
Kathleen Kelleher, Sacramento County Assessor
Kenneth Stieger, Sacramento County Assessor (Retired)
Steve Detrick, Elk Grove Vice Mayor
Pat Hume, Elk Grove City Council
Ernie Sheldon, Vice Mayor, Folsom
Andy Morin, Folsom City Council
Jeff Starsky, Folsom City Council
Mel Turner, Mayor, Citrus Heights
Jeff Slowey, Citrus Heights City Council
Steve Miller, Citrus Heights City Council
Sue Frost, Citrus Heights City Council.
Steve Miklos, Folsom City Council
Curt Campion, Galt City Council
Barbara Payne, Galt City Council
Manny Hernandez, School Board Trustee, Sacramento City Unified School District (Retired)
Steve Merksamer
Republican State Senator Jim Nielsen
John Lovell, Democratic Party State Central Committee 2010-2012
Kevin Papineau, Galt Elem. School District Board President

* Partial List